Writing assignment #3 | English homework help


Please see the complete instructions for Writing Assignment #3 in the attached file.


There will be three submissions related to this assignment.


Proposal/Prewriting – By the end of Week 4, submit ideas as an attachment to this assignment folder. Please include the following as a proposal:


  1. Identify your topic. 
  2. If you are not planning to use the same topic that you used for the cause-effect essay, please explain how you came to that decision. If you are planning to use the same topic, please include some thoughts on how your research essay will go beyond what you are writing for the cause-effect essay. (Do you plan to adjust the topic in any way? Will the topic be exactly the same with more or different sources?)
  3. Do you envision your research essay being expository or persuasive?


Also include any ideas you have so far from prewriting. Your prewriting can take many forms. For example, some people like to do brainstorming/freewriting. Some people may be ready to work on an outline. 


Do not wait for feedback on your proposal/prewriting! Keep working on your paper, and I will let you know if I have any concerns.


Rough Draft – By the end of Week 5, submit your rough draft as an additional attachment to this same assignment folder. Make this as complete a draft as possible. However, regardless of how much you have done, submit your rough draft by the end of Week 5. If there are areas of the paper that you are having difficulty with, you can ask about them in a note on your rough draft, and I will try to help.


You will receive feedback on your rough draft during Week 6. I recommend that you keep working on the paper while you are waiting for feedback.


Revised Paper – By the end of Week 7, submit your complete, revised paper as a third attachment to this assignment folder. This version will be graded.



Writing assignment #3 will be an essay in which you incorporate at least six sources to support an argument.   As you had for writing assignment #2, you have many options for this essay.

You may write on the same topic that you wrote on for writing assignment #2; however, you may be asked to adjust the topic in some direction in order to write a more successful research paper.  In addition, of course, you will expand on the number of sources you use to defend your argument.


The options for this essay are as follows.  Please click each option below in order to see the specific instructions for the option:

  1. causes or effects of technology on education
  2. causes or effects involving modern cultural controversies
  3. causes or effects of a phenomenon in your field of study


Outline for the essay

The essay should have the following elements:


  • an engaging introductory paragraph.  You might even want to cite sources in the opening paragraph to make your opening engaging to the reader.
  • an effective and clear thesis statement
  • a statement of definitions and background on the topic on which you are writing. 
    • You will want to define any terms necessary for the reader.
    • You may want to provide a historical background on your topic.
  • unified, supported, and coherent body paragraphs that defend the thesis
  • sources cited throughout the body paragraphs that support the arguments in the paper
  • an effective conclusion
  • a “references” page that lists the sources cited.  The references should be listed in APA format.


The sources and citation format for this essay

You are required to use at least six sources for this essay.

At least four sources must be acquired through the databases subscribed to by UMUC’s Information and Library Services. In addition, at least three sources are to come from scholarly journals.

Keep in mind that if the sources are scholarly, the argument you make in the paper will be more persuasive. For this reason, feel free to use all scholarly sources if you can.

In addition, please feel free to cite more than six sources. You may find that seven or eight sources (or more) are necessary to establish your argument and defend your thesis. Please do not feel limited to using only six sources. Use more if you would like to or need to.

Please cite your sources and list them at the end of your paper using APA format.


1500-1700 words