Write a program wherein it asks


Write a program wherein it asks, does user want desktop or laptop. If he says desktop prompt them to choose brand (dell, toshiba, hp), hard drive (capacity), cpu brand and speed, monitor (size in inches), ram(capacity), case (tower, mid tower, mini tower). If they choose laptop, brand (toshiba, dell etc), hard drive, ram, cpu, display size.
– if they choose laptop then laptop class, desktop, desktop class. display all options & their name.


Test Data13,2,0,1,21·

Checkpoints1) Include name, e-mail, and lab# and comments in code and include code to output this information to the output.2) Minimum of five (5) comments in main()3) use a defined constant for the tax rate 4) use a memory constant for each unit price 5) Output must be formatted exactly as above with decimal points lined up.


Write a program to create a customers bill for a company. The company sells only five products: TV, DVD player, Remote Controller, CD Player, and Audio Visual Processor. The unit prices are $500.00, $380.00, $35.20, $74.50, and $1500.00, respectively. Prompt the user and input for the quantity of each product sold. Calculate the subtotal for each item and the subtotal of the bill. Calculate the tax on this subtotal. Last calculate the total of subtotal plus tax. How many TVs were sold? 3How many DVD players were sold? How many Remote Controller units were sold?5How many CD Players were sold? 6How many AV Processors were sold? QTY Description Unit Price Total