Vulnerability to americans discussion 820 | CJUS 820 – Advanced Topics in Terrorism and Intelligence | Liberty University

Assignment Instructions


student will complete 8 Discussions in this course. The student will post one
thread of at least 500 words by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of the assigned
Module: Week. The student must then post 2 replies of at least 250 words by
11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned Module: Week. For each thread, students
must support their assertions with at least 2 scholarly citations in APA
format. Each reply must incorporate at least 2 scholarly citation(s) in APA format.
Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable
sources include texts, articles, presentations, the Bible, blogs, videos, etc.




Discuss the vulnerabilities to
America’s various areas of critical infrastructure and key resources. Also,
discuss what might be done and make recommendations for how to better secure
and protect these areas.



Please include Biblical worldview
with verse and citation preferably King James Bible