Tutor beth: phase 5: developing a care plan

Due 1/25/16

Phase 5: Developing a Care Plan

Develop a comprehensive care plan for the aggregate.

Propose a nursing diagnosis and suggest interventions that address the major health risks identified from the risk assessment (phase 4). In your care plan, include a list of disasters that may affect the aggregate and a disaster management plan.

The care plan should propose a nursing diagnosis for the aggregate and include strategies to tackle the major health risks identified during the risk assessment.

In addition, it should include a disaster management plan with the following components:

  • List of disasters that might affect your aggregate (take into consideration the geographical location of the aggregate, past history, etc.)
  • Strategies for handling at least two disasters from the list
  • Recommendation for a disaster supplies kit


Your comprehensive care plan should be in a 4 pages Microsoft Word document. Be sure to apply Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track (MAP-IT) in your assessment process.

Support your responses with examples.

Assignment  Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Applied Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track (MAP-IT) in the assessment process.


Identified priority nursing diagnosis.


Identified appropriate strategies to address nursing diagnosis and identified risks of aggregate.


Created a disaster management plan with at least two disasters addressed following the assignment criteria.


Cited at least two journal articles as references for ideas in the plan.


Written components.