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Essay Prompt: Some people proclaim that getting higher education is to become an expert in a field of knowledge and to provide quality of life. However, others argue not all college majors offer students skills for the workforce and some majors are not highly valued in the job market. As a college student, do you believe the benefits of getting college education outweigh its drawbacks? Take a position and support it with reasons, examples and explanations.


Make sure your thesis directly answers the question 

Your essay needs to show a clear standing for the question 

Your essay should be about 500-700 words

Your essay should include the following articles to support your arguments.

Your essay needs to include MLA in-text citation


Tuning in to Dropping Out” by Alex Tabarrok

A College Degree Is a Worthy Achievement” by Maria Dimera


Formatting requirements. Your paragraph assignment should: 

Be typed and double-spaced; one-inch margins.

Use font Times new roman and word size 12. 

Include your names, instructor’s name, your class (i.e., English 735), and the date in the top left corner of the first page of your paragraph assignment. Add a header with your last name and page number to the top right corner of every page of your paragraph assignment.

Have a title centered above the first paragraph.


Indent every paragraph five spaces.