Sti risk assessment counselor mock training activity

STI Risk Assessment Counselor Mock Training Activity

In this assignment, imagine that you are a health educator in-training whose job will involve assessing individuals for STI risk and providing risk reduction counseling. This assignment is set up as a series of mock training activities designed to teach the health educator in-training (you!) all about STI risk assessment and provide an opportunity to practice assessment skills.

Note: This assignment should primarily be focused on STIs other than HIV. HIV will be covered in more detail in another lesson.

Part 1

The first part of the mock training provides health educators with an overview of STIs in their home state. To complete this portion of the training, visit the following websites to review the most common STIs in your state, identify the groups most commonly impacted by STIs, and determine what types of preventive services and programs are offered in your state.

Part 1 Deliverable: 1-2 paragraph(s) written summary addressing the points noted above.

Part 2

The second part of the mock training teaches health educators the assessment process and rationale. To complete this portion of the training, review the Guide for STD/HIV/Hepatitis Integrated Risk Assessment , taking careful note of the risk assessment questions and categories, the rationale for each question, and the appropriate risk reduction strategies and follow-up actions (such as appropriate screenings and/or referrals) based on patient responses.

Part 2 Deliverable: 1-2 paragraph(s) describing your opinion of the main strengths and weaknesses of the Integrated Risk Assessment for identifying STI risks.

Part 3

The third part of the mock training provides health educators with the opportunity to practice explaining the importance of STI assessment to others. To complete this portion of the training, write a short script (1-2 paragraph(s)) to use with individuals who come in for STI screening that explains the purpose and importance of STI screening.

Part 3 Deliverable: 1-2 paragraph(s) “script” explaining the purpose and importance of STI screening.

Part 4

The final part of the mock training is designed to help health educators understand the assessment process from the patient perspective, supporting the development of competence and empathy. To complete this portion of the training, complete the Integrated Risk Assessment yourself and write a brief personal reflection (around 1 page or less)  that:

  1. summarizes what you learned about evaluating STI risk,
  2. addresses whether you have any personal risk factors for STI,
  3. identifies appropriate personal risk reduction strategies you can apply now or in the future should your risk factors change, including recommended testing, vaccination, and other referrals, and
  4. describes your personal reactions to completing the assessment, including a reflection on how the process of self-assessment is valuable to becoming a competent and empathetic health educator.

Part 4 Deliverable: Brief personal reflection that addresses items 1 through 4 above. Note: You do not need to submit your completed Risk Assessment, only the personal reflection.

Final Submission: The final submission should combine the deliverables from each part of the assignment into one document, that will be about 2 pages in length.