Southern gothic literature | History homework help


Using detailed references to particular passages in one of our assigned fictional Southern/Gothic readings so far, analyze and discuss how the text you’ve chosen operates as a “Gothic text” (i.e. how and why serve as a Gothic story). And how does its treatment of Gothic themes and elements reflect specifically concerns of the American South or its haunted past/present?

 You are also required to utilize (and cite) one or more of our non-fiction readings to help support your position and analysis (no other outside sources may be consulted-). No more than 900 words  

main fictional passage: An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (

support reading passage: Jean-Ah Poquelin” (1879), George Washington Cable. pages 88-123  Old Creole Days – Google Books  

only use these two readings no outside source 

900 words max – 500 words minimum