Sarbanes-oxley and bwyond. | Human Resource Management homework help

Compliance and Gatekeepers.”  Please respond to the following:

 Part 1)


You need to analyze the requirements for legal compliance and need to determine which category of laws (regulating competition, protecting consumers, etc.) has had the largest overall impact on the greatest number of businesses. Please Explain.


You need to analyze the gatekeepers role and need to determine who else should play a gatekeeping role in the business world. Defend your response with specific example


“Sarbanes-Oxley and Beyond.” Please will respond to the following:


Please analyze the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and do at least one (1) recommendation for how the act can be improved. Be sure to explain why your recommendation addresses something that was overlooked in the original act or addresses a new concern that has arisen since the act when into law.


Part 2


Please create a way for a corporation or business in order to combine the federal sentencing guidelines for an organizations and “highly appropriate core practices” into a single company policy. Now that you have done this, please determine if it is a good idea to combine the two (2) or not. Explain your rationale.