Research project: presentation outline | Philosophy homework help


Develop an outline for the following topic: Presentation Issue/Question: Do we have a moral obligation to rehabilitate or punish criminals? Do we have a moral right to impose the death penalty on criminals?

Provide brief details about the summary of both sides of the topic, your opinion, conclusion, and relevant questions. 

Decide what your position is on the topic and prepare to explain why. Pick one or more ethical theories to justify your beliefs about the topic.

close the outline with three discussion questions about the topic. Think about these questions. Your questions must be ethically challenging and tough. You want your questions to really invoke a great deal of discussion. 

Your outline should be approximately 1-2 pages in length and should include the major points and arguments you intend to include in your presentation.

Use at least five professional scholarly sources.

Your outline will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin when you submit your assignment in this activity.

Use APA citations