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Drugs and Behavior  

Assignment Content

This week assignment was created as an opportunity to receive your feedback about your learning experience in this course. Please as honest as possible. This assignment will be graded based on completion not on the answers provided. Do ensure to provide feedback for each question in order to receive full credit for this assignment.

 Question 1

What are one to three specific things about the course or instructor that especially helped to support your learning?

 Question 2

Share how this course helped you develop your professional skills (e.g., written or oral communication, computer literacy, teamwork, etc.).

 Question 3

What parts of this course were obstacles to your learning?

 Question 4

What changes might improve your learning in this course?

 Question 5

Do you have any specific recommendations for improving this course?

 External Website: DrugFacts Hallucinogens DrugFacts 

 Course Materials:Required Text or E-Book: Drug Use and AbuseISBN-13:978-0-357-37595-2Authors : Stephen Maisto • Mark Galizio • Gerard Connors