Reading the word and the world

(1)                Read the Marzano et al. book (assigned in Module 1) in preparation for the practicum observation, and do a Web search for additional literacy strategies that can encourage literacy growth.

(2)                Identify and evaluating the effectiveness of literacy strategies used by the instructors to support reading in the classroom. Reference strategies from the Marzano et al. book and/or from Web sites utilized for this assignment.

(3)                Create a class/student profile of 1250-1500 words that describes both the class (first) and a student (second) in terms of literacy traits. Address the considerations listed above and interpret what you saw as it relates to the overall literacy and learning process.

(4)                Venn Diagram

(5)                Construct a Venn diagram that illustrates the literacy skills the student demonstrated at the onset of the lessons (intro), those that intersected (through), and those that are left to master (beyond). The time you spend with the student should facilitate this process through an investigation of the student’s prior knowledge and literacy experiences (into), a best practice activity to stimulate literacy growth (through), and an assessment of what future literacy goals should be set. As you work with your student, consider, on an individual level, how fluency, vocabulary skills, and comprehension skills impact learning, how the differences in interacting with expository and narrative text impacts this student’s understanding, whether literature motivates this student, and whether you see evidence of critical literacy in your student’s approach to text.