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PSYC315 Week 7 Assignment
PSYC315 Week 7 Assignment
InstructionsViolent video games and the perceived negative impact on children, particularly in the area of aggressive and anti-social behavior, is a hotly debated topic. Explore the research on this topic. Based on your understanding of the research, complete the “What Am I Trying to Prove” template that is provided. Decide whether overall, you think that violent video games have a direct negative impact on behavior in children or not. Be sure to provide specific examples and references to social psychology theory, concepts, or studies that support your argument.
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Writing Requirements (APA format)
Length: 2-3 pages (not including title page or references page)1-inch marginsDouble spaced12-point Times New Roman fontTitle pageReferences page (minimum of 2 scholarly sources)
What Am I Trying to Prove?Sometimes it helps to think of constructing an argument in terms of a big criminal court case (you know like the ones you see on Law and Order where some hot shot lawyer is trying to prove the innocence or guilt of someone.
What are you trying to persuade your readers/classmates (the “jury”) of regarding video game usage? Write it below:
What Evidence Can I Present to Support My Claim?It may be helpful to think of the acronym RENNS here (Troyka). That stands for Reasons, Examples, Names, Numbers, Senses. Going back to our court case example, think how a lawyer employs RENNS to persuade the jury of guilt or innocence. Let’s play this out below:
1. Reason – This can be a motive for the crime. Suspect X found out that his spouse was cheating and wanted to get rid of his competition.
2. Example – The suspect is known to have a temper and was overhead threating the victim just last week at Lucky’ Bar.
3. Name – Think of all the names used in a court case. For example, names of people and places used to establish an alibi. The more famous a name in their respected field the stronger the testimony (i.e. the name of the leading ballistics expert in the country holds more sway than Bob your neighbor who just likes to go to the shooting range once in a while for fun).
4. Number – Think of how numbers are used to bolster an argument (i.e. The suspect left his house at 1:45 in the afternoon to catch the 2:15 bus to Raleigh. Time of death was recorded at 2:24 making it impossible for the suspect to have debussed, committed the crime, moved the body….)
5. Senses – Lawyers appeal to our senses to paint a picture. Think how much more impactful it would be for a lawyer to make a stabbing gesture with his arm and pound the witness table 50 times with his fist to dramatize an attack as opposed to just saying, “yeah he was stabbed around 50 times.” By “acting” out the scenario he is appealing to our eyes and ears on a more intense level.
Now you try it! What reasons can you offer to support your claim about video game usage! Be sure to cite your sources!PSYC315 Week 7 Assignment
Here’s What Opposing Council Might SayThink through what those who are arguing against you might say. If you can anticipate the points against your claim, you will have a head start in showing why your claim is still stronger. Try to list the counter-arguments you will likely encounter below.
1. Counter Argument:
2. Counter Argument:
Here’s Why You Should Still Side with MeHere is where you point out why your argument is still stronger. Perhaps you point out logical fallacies in the opposition’s reasoning. Perhaps you discredit an expert witness. Perhaps you argue that the consequence of not accepting your claim far outweighs accepting your opponent’s. Below write a few sentences illustrating why your claim about video games is stronger than what those who opposed you would say.
The Big FinishThis is the part in courtroom dramas where the lawyers make their closing arguments; where they pull it all together for the jury. It is your last chance to sway people to your side! Go ahead. Sway us! Write out a big finish statement below.
Troyka, L. Q., & Hesse, D. (2012). Simon & Schuster Handbook for Writers.
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