Powerpoint prevention of criminal activity in a cyber environment

100% Original Work.

Graduate Level Required.

DUE: Friday, April 10, 2020 by 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

This is a team assignment, I only require the following:

Create a 5 slide (Plus one for references, six total slides) preventative measures powerpoint, including security precautions, that could be put into place  for the mayor based on cyber crimes outlined in attached scenario.

Each slide should discuss a single preventative measure, including security precautions, recommendations, and why it is important & effective.

No less than 4 bullets per slide, no more than 6 bullets per slide. 

Provide 100-150 words per slide of comprehensive speaker notes. The notes should read as if, you, were presenting out loud. 

-Format consistent with APA guidelines.

-Include relevant images if required.

-Provide at least 3 Academic / Scholarly references.

-Must Be Graduate Level Writing. 

-100% Original Work.