Position essay on student source use in the academy

Using their research in the annotated bibliography, students identify an angle or theme or position they can support about their topic, and they write a position essay for an academic audience. 

This angle or position will likely be a response to the research question that drove the annotated bibliography; this response will not often be an answer to the question, but rather a statement about the possible answers to the question or a statement about the difficulty of answering the question with any certainly.

You should use the four sources from your annotated bibliography. However, you can add up to 3 additional sources that are geared toward the college-educated reader.

Students will be graded on content, organization and style:

 –Overall, a presentation of your key ideas, and your thesis,  in an in-  depth, coherent, and even interesting or thought-provoking manner

 -A compelling Introduction (hook, sources: articles and authors; a short   summary of your main idea, and a debatable, narrowly focused, well-  crafted thesis statement)

 –Development of paragraphs (topic sentence, use of evidence and   analysis) and the skill in which you have your sources “converse” with   one another

 -Use of strong organization skills: clarity, transitional words and phrases,   and strong verbs

  -Strong command of grammar 


 -A compelling conclusion 


 -An understanding of MLA rules for in text citation and Works Cited

 -Proofed closely.

 Ultimately, your professor must judge the paper to be an effective academic, college-level work. 


Final research paper: 5 pages plus WORKS CITED.