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Sample question, thesis statement and bibliography

If you are writing essay on the following question, then your sample thesis statement and bibliography

Sample question: How is reward and punishment generally used in America, or distribution of good or bad is achieved? Which theories are basically followed? Give specific examples and illustrations to support your thesis.

Sample Thesis Statement:

There are many different ways to reward and punish however there is no one way that can be accepted as best. In this paper I will discuss Retributive, Restitution and Utilitarian theories. Each and every theory has it successes and its failures. Occasions indicate when it is best to reward someone for hard work and dedication, and when it should be based on the outcome they are delivering. For reward and punishment case by case analysis is better.  Many things in life reside not in a clearly defined area, but rather in a gray area, and this can also be said for the disbursement of rewards and punishments in America.

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