Personal statement | Literature homework help

Hi, I need to re-write my personal statement and make it more professional for medical school applications. I have already written a personal statement and it has all my information about what I did and why I want to go into medicine so please use my previous personal statement to write this one below I have mentioned a few points I was told to follow while writing a personal statement. PLEASE JUST DON’T REPHRASE MY OLD PERSONAL STATEMENT. 

1. Don’t Resort to Cliches.

2. Don’t Bore the Reader. Do Be Interesting.

3. Do Use Personal Detail. show, Don’t Tell!

4. Do Be Concise. Don’t Be Wordy.

5. DoAddressYourWeaknesses. Don’tDwellonThem.

6. Do Vary Your Sentences and Use Transitions.

7. Do Use Active Voice Verbs

8. Do Seek Multiple Opinions.

9. Don’t Wander. Do Stay Focused.

10. Do Revise, Revise, Revise.