osha (occupational safety and health act)

You have to search for a PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE related to Safety and Health for Engineering Technology and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act) related to Mechanical fieldand then provide Review as given below. You should use your learning from the course in your review. 


Review one (1) EHS related article relevant to your discipline from a peer reviewed journal (An online article or an article obtain from a website is not ACCEPTABLE) and submit one page, single spaced (450-500 words in 3 paragraphs) document with regard to what you learned and how the topic would affect your current work/future work followed by a reference page on the second page.

Each article review should contain the following and your review shall be one page – single spaced document that include the following:

1)    General information: Student’s name, course name, and date of the meeting missed.

2)    Review of an article (DO NOT CUT AND PASTE )

3)    Describe what was learned from an article,

4)    How the topic you’ve just read would affect/impact your current/future job,

5)    Reference following APA reference format. 

I have also attached one good sample of Journal Review on the below link. Please find it. This sample will help you to understand it and you need to make your copies like that but please do not copy or take anything from those sample otherwise there will be a very big issue and students will be expelled. These samples are just to guide you.