Na | Computer Science homework help

1) Imagine you are writing a company’s policy manual.

  • List 3 behaviors for employees to avoid on the network.
  • List 3 behaviors for employees to avoid in face to face interactions.

2) Compose an email to a co-worker about working together on an upcoming project.  The email will be composed in word or the submit box…or you can open your email and use that as a template and send a screenshot (just don’t send).

  • Come up with an appropriate subject line.
  •  Write a short email of 3-5 sentences requesting help on an upcoming project. (You can be creative with the kind of project you want to work on).
  • Remember the rules of email netiquette in your email.


3) Describe a time when you have accidentally offended someone or been offended.

  • What happened?
  • What were the consequences?
  • How could this have been avoided?

4) Do some internet research on business etiquette in other countries.

  • Compare and contrast a behavior that might be considered rude in one culture but not in another culture.
  • What do you think the reason is for this difference?
  • You may present your information in paragraph form (5-8 sentences) or create a chart or graphic comparing and contrasting the two countries.
  • Cite your sources.


5) In this day and age, in business situations, people often “meet” over the internet or phone before actually meeting in person. 

  • Describe how you can make yourself “look good” online or over the phone before you meet someone in person. 
  • Write a paragraph of 5-8 sentences discussing proper netiquette and how it can prepare you for meeting someone in person.