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  • PSY 335 Week 4 Experimental Designs Worksheet
  • Two Discussions in One Post

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  • Intelligence Testing Article Analysis

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  • PSY 420 Week 2 Behavioral Principles Application Presentation

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  • PSY 420 Week 1 Reinforcement Procedures Paper

    It was a great paper helped me study and was easy to read. Thank you!

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  • PSY 420 Week 1 Reinforcement Procedures Paper

    Poorly worded and seemed to repeat the same sentences many times. Not written at the university level. Not true APA format. Not all references cited in paper. There are 2 in reference but 1 in paper. Reworded paper instructions as introduction. I did not find this very helpful. How was this given a 10 out of 10?

  • PSY 420 Week 3 Motivating Operations Analysis

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  • PSY 420 Week 5 Feedback and Praise Reflection

    I know this to be used as a guide, but it’s completely plagiarized. You could find this online, don’t waste your money.

    profileIt was scored 5/5 and you have to paraphrase the tutorial before submitting.
  • PSY 420 Week 5 Self-Management Paper
  • HUM 186 Week 3 Influence of Entertainment Media Paper
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  • BSHS 485 Week 3 Outline of Letter to the Community
  • BSHS 485 Week 2 Mon Valley Case Study
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  • BSHS 485 Week 1 What is Advocacy?

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  • BSHS 406 for vivanm
  • Psychology Homework Help

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  • BSHS 408 Week 5 Ethical Issues Associated With the Human Service Professional

    This assignment included two references, but nothing in the presentation was cited to coincide with the references. That is not APA format. I don’t understand how this paper got 5/5 points unless the instructor didn’t care about APA formatting. Also the slide about Ethical Issues does not explain much about the three ethical issues required. It gives a couple sentences about each and that’s it, but not much detail or explanation, more like rambling. Not happy.

    Just tell me after getting grade if you use it properly.
    I got it 5/5.
  • BSHS 408 Week 5 Ethical Issues Associated With the Human Service Professional

    The presentation was okay as it covered all points, but did it in a different way. The three ethical issues were supposed to be discussed in the beginning of the presentation and the rest of the bullets were supposed to pertain to those ethical issues. In this presentation they covered the two bullets in general and didn’t include the ethical issues in those bullets. Overall it was an okay quality presentation.

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  • BSHS 408 Week 2 Intervention Worksheet
  • BSHS 465 Week 1 to 5 Assignments Only / (For vivanm only)
  • PSY 345 Week 1 Individual / Worksheet