Healthcare logic model | Human Resource Management homework help

For this week’s assignment, you need to develop an organized process that supports program development to resolve the health care administration issue or barrier that is the focus of your research project, it is important to identify the resourcesstakeholders, and outcomes.

  • Use the “Logic Model Template” (HLT-364-RS-LogicModelTemplate.docx) and create detailed inputs, outputs, and outcomes for your identified health care administration issue or barrier.
    • Using the downloaded template, fill in the various components of the model with detailed descriptions of the inputs, outputs, and outcomes.  The more detailed, the better, and the easier it will be to construct your research paper based on this model.
    • Make sure to consider any legislation or regulation that governs your field or your programmatic development.
      • All laws related to your issue/barrier must be carefully considered, since any proposed outcomes cannot be considered illegal based on the current healthcare rules/laws.
      • You will use your logic model to develop your research paper.