Global health paper part 2


Paper Part 2 

III. Proven program from the literature 

Describe a program that was previously implemented successfully. Please explore CDC website and other credible sources for an evidence-based program. You can use the activities proposed to create your own program.


IV. Proposed Programming 

In 2-3 pages, you will provide details of a solution that should successfully alleviate the health problem in your community (you should be able to find the “right” solution in your literature review). Your program proposal(s) should involve proven methods and based on programs previously implemented even if in a different countries. Your intervention should be SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Proper APA citations are required with References at the end. For your final paper, all references will go at the end of the paper. 

Pages=4 pages 

Sample SMART Objective: 

By the year two of the project, the Division of Cancer will have trained 75% of elementary schools in district 1, 3, and 6 on the selected scientifically based sun safety health education curriculum.

V. Recommendation

This is your opportunity to make recommendations based on your literature review, proposed program and outcome.


VI. Conclusion 

This section should highlight the major components of the paper and summarize the pertinent information for all parts of your paper, please follow APA Style Guidelines ( and, as well as Monroe Academic Tutoring Center or Monroe Library. 


Please see attached for part 1 and proven program.