Final project, short paper about a career.

I will provide you with the career to research, and I will add info from the book to the paper so you really dont even have to do it all. I will also be doing the interview. All I really need is #3, and lots of information!

1.  Pick the career of your choice from the last chapters in the book

  • Chapter 13 – Careers in Health and Fitness
  • Chapter 14 – Careers in Therapeutic Exercise
  • Chapter 15 – Careers in Teaching Physical Education
  • Chapter 16 – Careers in Coaching and Sport Instruction
  • Chapter 17 – Careers in Sport Management
  •                   – Careers in Nutrition

2.  Read the corresponding chapter of the career you chose.  Using your books, the internet and other resources, complete your project.

3.  Write a paper and discuss the following items:

  • What are the professional opportunities in this career?
  • What are the purposes and types of work done in this field?
  • What are the educational requirements and experiences necessary for becoming competent in the field?
  • Identify whether this profession fits your skills, aptitudes and professional desires.
  • Interview one practicing professional in the field. Include this information in your report.

      For the interview ask the following questions and any other you are interested in.

  1. Name, position and job location of the professional
  2. Background of the person and why they chose their career
  3. Main responsibilities of their job
  4. Most difficult aspect of their job/field
  5. Most rewarding aspect of their job/field
  6. What were the most important experiences in preparing for their job/career
  7. What advice would they give to a kinesiology major who is interested in pursuing a career in their field

After researching your project, is this still the profession you would pursue?  Why or why not?

When writing your project:

  • Write professionally
  • Use proper grammar and sentence structure
  • Use spell check
  • The more effort that goes into your project, the higher your grade. 
  • Worth 50 points