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Week 3 Final Project Milestone

Assignment: Final Project Milestone

In the Week 2 Final Project Milestone, you compared and contrasted two essays about a global issue found in your text. By now, you have had time to read more essays from your text and, hopefully, expand the scope and breadth of your understanding of what is meant by the term “global issues.”

For this week’s Final Project Milestone, you will commit to reading and writing more extensively about one chosen global issue. This issue might be about the relationship between globalization and technology, how globalization has affected the economies of various nations, or how globalization has impacted women’s rights. 

To prepare:

•Read as many articles in the text as you are able. Think about the issues they discuss.

•Choose the one global issue that interests you the most. 

•Choose two articles from the text that represent your thinking on this issue.

The assignment:

•Write two paragraphs that do the following: 

oReveal the global issue you have chosen for your focus.

oState why you chose to focus on this particular issue

oIdentify two articles within the text that have contributed to your thinking about this issue.