Exp19_powerpoint_ch01_hoeassessment_dinosaurs | Computer Science homework help



Project Description:

You are a student teacher in a second-grade classroom. Your cooperating teacher has asked you to create an introductory presentation for the students on dinosaurs.


  Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch01_HOEAssessment_Dinosaurs.pptx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.

  Save the files to your “.\MIS_2749\P01\Hands-on” folder you created in   Module 01.


Apply the Facet theme and change   the variant to the last one (green with black background).

  Hint: Click the Design tab.


Change the theme font to Arial   Black – Arial.

  Hint: Click the More arrow in the Variants group on the Design tab.


On Slide 1, in the title   placeholder type Dinosaurs. In the subtitle placeholder type Ms. Wagner’s   Second Grade.


You have slides that you created   in the past on dinosaurs that you want to use in this presentation. The Reuse   Slides feature is an easy way to import these slides.

  Use the Reuse Slides option to insert all of the slides from Dinosaurs.pptx.
  Hint: Click the New Slide arrow on the Home tab.



When you imported the slides,   you realized that you do not need a duplicate of the title slide so you   delete Slide 2.

  Delete Slide 2. Move Slide 5 (Pterosaur) so that it becomes Slide 7.


On Slide 1 change the layout to   Picture with Caption. Increase the font size of the title text to 28 pt and the subtitle text to 18 pt.

  Hint: Click Layout on the Home tab.


Insert the Dino1.jpg image into the picture placeholder. Apply the Reflected   Rounded Rectangle picture style.
  Hint: Click the Pictures icon.



On Slide 2, type Dinosaur   means “Terrible Lizard” (including the quotes) as the fifth bullet point.


Type the following in the Notes   pane for Slide 1: Today we are going to start our study of dinosaurs. (including the period).


Converting a bulleted list to a   SmartArt graphic is a good way to add interest to the presentation.

  On Slide 2 convert the bulleted list in the content placeholder to a Vertical   Curved List SmartArt graphic.
  Hint: Click Convert Text to a SmartArt graphic on the Home tab.



On Slide 8, insert the Dino2.jpg image. Change the height of   the image to 3.9″ and the width to 3.9″.


Apply the Beveled Oval, Black   picture style to the image. Position the image horizontally at 3.9” and vertically at 0.3”.
  Hint: Click the Dialog Box Launcher in the Size group on the Picture Tools   Format tab.



Select the text Questions? and apply the Fill: Green,   Accent color 1; Shadow WordArt style. Change the text effect to Tight   Reflection:Touching.

  Hint: Click the Format tab.



It is important to always check   your presentation for possible spelling errors.

  Check the presentation for spelling errors. Make corrections as needed on the   slides. NOTE: Do not change the title on Slide 3; while both spellings of Ankylosaurs (and Ankylosaurus) are correct, the preferred spelling in this case is   Ankylosaurs.


Create a Notes and Handouts   footer with the following: Dinosaur Facts. Apply to all.



Save and close Exp19_PPT_Ch01_HOEAssessment_Dinosaurs.pptx.   Submit the file as directed.