Discussion solution: proj420 – project risk management – week 6

Anyone tell me a few differences between six sigma and TQM?


Can risk be mis-identified (and what can you do then?) One thing that we never have discussed and should. Got any ideas? 


As the action owner of a risk, you see that the risk has occurred and you take the action you were assigned. It doesn’t seem to be working, what do you do now? 


During the course of the project you see a risk that won’t affect the project but could have an effect on a daily operation. What do you do? 


All, ever read the Demming management method? His ideas where anyone, anyone that noticed a problem could stop production and it could be fixed at that time. 
Good plan and not as cumbersome at six sigma which works better at a big plant rather that a small one where TQM works. (TQM – Demming)