Discussion 4 march 2022 | Accounting homework help

Landmark Research

More readings on Scientific Management

As you work on your post for this mod, here are some more specific topics and authors for you to use:

  • The Human Factor
  • Early views on Personnel Management (Ordway, Eilbirt, White, Gilson, Williams)
  • Early views on psychology in organizations (Willaism, Booth, Blackford and Newcomb)
  • Industrial Sociology (Wren, Whiting)
  • Labor movement (Ely, McKelvey, Green)
  • Management Process and Organization Theory (Fayol, Breeze, Pearson)
  • The early principles of management (Fayol)
  • Elements of Management (Fayol)
  • Bureaucracy (Weber) – advantages and disadvantages
  • Scientific Management in Theory and Practice (Whiting, Dexter and Kimball, Dean, Person, Thompson, Nelson)
  • Early Org Theory (Rautenstrauch, Williams, McKinsey)
  • Scientific Management in Retrospect – resource utilization, technology, political influences (Roosevelt)

Prepare a one page summary of the article you found and post it to the discussion forum. APA 7TH FORMAT