Design | Science homework help

Topic of the final paper in HCID510

Define and describe design based on the readings we have discusses throughout the seminar – you can do this by describing design based on the nature of design problems and challenges, design outcomes, the design process, the people who design, and the setting where designing takes place—this can be the design studio, the larger participatory design setting, how design fits into organizations and industry,  or how design is taught.

Create arguments that outline your position, discuss counter arguments, and contextualize your arguments in the current discourse of HCI and design. Reference concepts from the readings and additional resources you pick.

Develop an argument in the form of a 2,500 word paper and compare/contrast your argument with  arguments you find relevant, pertaining to the issue you are discussing, from the texts we have discussed in class, plus any additional supporting materials where you see connections (readings you have come across, recent discussions in the design community, case studies, depending on the themes you lay out in your paper).


The structure for the paper should be as follows:

A title for your paper that best captures the nature of your argument

An abstract that provides an outline of your topic (150-350 words)


1. An introduction outlining why your topic is relevant to the discourse in HCI and design

2. A background section that surveys origins, historical development, and current discourse in your topic area

3. Sections that present your argument and compares/contrasts it with selected topics from our readings and discussions

4. A summary or conclusion section that recaps your findings and insights

5. A Bibliography of all sources cited in APA format.