Definitions of blended learning | Social Science homework help

Definitions of Blended Learning

This exercise provides you with the opportunity to examine the various definitions of blended learning, compare different examples of blended learning experiences, and explore a tool that can be used to help create a blended learning environment. Perform the following tasks:
Step 1: Review this week’s material.

Step 2: Prepare your document.

Using a word processing program like Word, prepare a document with a three-column table. In the first column, list the multiple definitions of blended learning. In the second column, provide at least one example of blended learning for each definition. You should have at least three definitions of blended learning. In the third column, explain your rationale for choosing that particular example to represent the definition it was paired to. 

After you have created your table, provide a summary as to when blended learning in most effective. For example, when and why would you use blended learning over face-to-face or online alone? Use a minimum of 3 scholarly resources and make sure to cite any sources used in your document.

Step 3: Explore a tool that could be used to create a Blended Learning Environment.

CourseSites is a great tool that can help you create a blended or fully online learning environment. In CourseSites you can deliver a robust course, including the ability to post announcements, have students interact through discussions, upload assignments, create quizzes, conduct grading and more.  

Create a CourseSites account at It is free and all you need is a valid email address. Hang onto your login information, as you will be using CourseSites in Weeks Five and Six and throughout the Online Specialization Program. Once you have created an account, take some time to explore CourseSites. Be sure you complete the “Getting Started with Coursesites” training.

Next, you will evaluate CourseSites as a learning tool. Write a two-to three-page summary, identifying five functions/tools of CourseSites. For each tool, explain what it is, how it could be used to support a blended classroom, and any strengthens or weaknesses that may affect its use within that environment.