Current events | Management homework help


All current events selected should relate to the chapters assigned for reading.

·  Select a current event from the newspapers, magazines, current internet story, or any other source where something significant has occurred during the week. 

Please do the following once your current event has been located

·  Identify the article, the author, and where it appeared?

·  Type or nature of industry, or business being discussed?

·  What is the situation, issue, symptom, or problem being discussed?

·  How does the article relate to the course?

·  How can you compare, contrast, or develop the topic in context with what you have studied in the course this week?

·  What do you conclude from reading the article?


·  Cover page, and Reference Page

·  2 pages of actual text

·  Double spaced

The 2 images uploaded shows the title of the book, the chapter I am currently on and the topic. So that is what the current event have to be about.