Create a policy – use of organizational technology, networks and | 7300 | Kennesaw State University

Using the Template provided, create an Issue-Specific Security Policy for the case organization(organization document included).

The ISSP should address the fair and responsible use of company computers & networks, including Internet access from the office, specifically:

“Use of organizational technology, networks and Internet services, including Email and the Web.” 

You will choose a reasonable position as to the level of restriction you decided to place on employee use of these technologies. Make sure your approach is consistent across the policy. In other words, don’t be extremely permissive in one area of the policy, then extremely restrictive in another.

Do not quote or paraphrase from any outside reference (e.g. sample policy).  If you wish to review other policies, ensure your policy is unique and does not require quotation marks or in-text citations, but include any policies reviewed in the references section.