Complete an internet search to gather information on “netiquette.”

Complete an Internet search to gather information on “Netiquette.” Hint: Paula will help you get started if you click on the photo of her hard at work. (She telecommutes from home 3 days per week.)

Compose a standard memo and type in Microsoft Word explaining what behavior is considered appropriate and inappropriate for Internet communication.

The memo should be to OCI Interns.

Use the current date.

The memo should be from Paula Polite, Vice President.

The subject should be “Netiquette.”

Discuss why “Netiquette” is important and give examples.

Your memo should be two paragraphs and should follow the standard rules. There is also a document in the OCI Handbook that summarizes the proper formatting.

Be sure to save your file as yourlastnameJob3_06.

Now that you have learned about Netiquette, select the tip you think is most important and post your comments (in complete sentences) about this tip and why you think it is important in the Discussion area. Be sure to reply to at least one other student’s posting.