Communication for success: task 1.3 | MCO206

Main task

Information concerning Assignment W3 – Communication Skills Journal and Reflections. A weekly journal: listening responses

Description: to keep a weekly journal with real-life examples of ineffective listening responses, what you have learned from your observations, and strategies to improve your listening skills.

  In the resources in Session 1 and 2, you will find some exercises and questions that are there to promote reflective practice on the topics studied.

  •   You should reflect these into your Communication Skills Journal and Reflections. You can also add any thoughts or analysis done from the other readings and the tests provided.
  •   The concept of this exercise is that “Reflection leads to learning”.
  •   Also share some of your experiences in communications.
  •   You can use the articles and documents made available to you on Moodle.
  •   I would expect a minimum of 1500 words for this assignment.
  1. Other details:
    •   Font size 12
    •   Double-spaced
    •   Number of words: 1500, minimum
      All refencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.