Cis510 assignment | Information Systems homework help

Read the Attached word document!!!


The grading criteria are as follows as per the rubric and there are 4 parts

ONLY THE FIRST PART OF THIS PAPER NEEDS CITING. This is the HISTORY Sections and it is only a couple of Paragraphs is required. 

Part 1

The history and background I just want a simple overview. You could write 10 to 15 pages on this easy. I just want a few paragraphs so you have some context into the subject. Hit the highlights. (ONLY PART THAT NEEDS CITATIONS)

For PARTS 2, 3 and 4 chose an interface to analyze

You will be choosing an interface that you use for this paper. THIS WILL BE A REAL USER INTERFACE that is in use to the public. Not one you made up or are planning, hypothetical or thinking about. Not just an ATM or Gas Station interface but a specific interface like Wells Fargo or Bank of Americas ATM interface (replace with your bank). Or a Wawa Gas station interface. Or a small function of iPhone interface (send an email, send a text, add a contact) the same for an Andriod function. 

YOU WILL PHYSICALLY VISIT THE INTERFACE AND TAKE NOTES ON ALL THE OPTIONS THERE ARE FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE PROCESS TO THE END. If they give you different options take all the paths to see where they lead and Document it. You will find the interfaces are more in-depth than you thought. 

Such as a gas pump interface and going through the options you are given to complete the purchase. DO NOT DO THIS FROM MEMORY.  Visit the interface you are going to use. Make sure you have all the options. They would even be different if you went to different gas stations as every company makes their own. So again say whose interface it is (Mobile, Exxon, Wawa, Racetrack) If you want to pick a small function like adding a contact or sending a text or email from your phone that is fine too but be specific on the type of phone (iPhone, Andriod).

I only want the interface information. Not you going to the car and getting out and Just the actual interface and the options. 

Part 2

Write out all the steps and options there were from the beginning to the end of the interface you chose (make sure all the paths are included).

Part 3

Make an Activity Diagram of the options and paths there were for the interface. 

You need to create the Activity Diagram. DO NOT TAKE THIS FROM THE INTERNET. It is worth 32.5 points. 

Part 4

This is an opinion. Please analyze the chosen interface. Some of the questions you can answer are: What do you like? What do you not like? Were there too many clicks to get there? Did they make a good design for the user? Was it confusing in spots? Could they have done something different to make it better? Put a little thought into it. 🙂

The reflection (opinions) of the process is also 32.5 points. Be thoughtful of your analysis.  There are no references for this part, it is your opinion. 

Grading is based on the following.  

Just make the HEADERS of the paper sections numbered 1-4 (taken from the grading rubric) and answer each question in order. Make a reference section at the end in APA format for the minimum 2 references for Part 1 only that is why only 2 references are needed. 

1. Research the history and background of HCI. (just a couple of paragraphs)  (19.5 Points)

2. From your chosen HCI, describe all the steps and options that are available to use and complete the task   (26 Points)

3. Build and Activity Diagram (DO NOT TAKE ONE FROM THE INTERNET) (32.5 Points)

4. Reflect on the experience. Do you feel the process you chose was well designed? Do you think it can be improved? (32.5 Points)

5. Use at least 2 Quality Resources. (6.5 Points) 

6. Clarity and writing mechanics.  (13 Points)