Chapter 9 scenario: preschool hiring process

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 You have enjoyed your first year as the director of an early childhood  center so much that you are surprised to find it is already March.  Although you never imagined you would be hiring new teachers during your  first year, three teachers on your staff announce that they will not be  returning next year. Now what? So far, all of your experiences with the  hiring process have been as a candidate you have zero experience as a  hiring manager. To better organize the process, you decide to review the  necessary steps and map them out systematically, by creating a  flowchart. You open your laptop and begin your design. So far so good,  but you realize from your own experience that events do not always  evolve in a perfectly linear manner. You decide that your flowchart  needs to incorporate some of the unexpected things that may occur during  the hiring process so you will be prepared. Last, you pull out your  calendar and create several target dates for the various steps you have  mapped out. You can find examples of how to create a flow chart by doing  a simple Google search. 


Focus Assignment: 

Using digital  tools, create a flowchart to show the steps involved in hiring a new  teacher—from developing a job description to selecting the employee.  Then add in several branches to your flowchart to show how the real-life  hiring process might be a bit more complicated than a straight line.  Next, incorporate several target dates for when you would hope to attain  each goal in your flowchart.

Self Reflection: 

1. For each item of your flowchart, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario