Business research week 5 assignment


-Analyze and answer Chapter 5 Questions for review and critical thinking: 

1. What are the conditions that make in-house research preferable? What are the conditions that make outside research preferable? 

2. Read a recent news article from the Wall Street Journal or other key source that deals with a new product introduction. Would you think it would be better for that firm to do research in-house or to use an outside agency? Explain. 

8. ETHICS What are business ethics? How are ethics relevant to research? 

9. ETHICS What is the difference between ethical relativism and ethical idealism? How might a person with an idealist ethical philosophy and a person with a relativist ethical philosophy differ with respect to including a sales pitch at the end of a research survey? 

10. ETHICS What obligations does a researcher have with respect to confidentiality? 

Assignment must have at least 500 words and be written in APA style. Assignment must have at least 3 external references with corresponding in-text citations. All assignments must be submitted through blackboard. ***Review the grading rubric***