Business communications questions | Business & Finance homework help



Please answer these questions in full sentences (No need for long sentences)


1.      1- What is a direct message?


2- How does a direct message differ from an indirect message?

3- What are the protocols for writing a direct message?  In other words, what is the general plan for writing direct messages?

4- List several instances where direct messages would be used in business communication (at 3 instances).

5- What are the contexts that might influence any given act of business communication?

6- What is the “you” point of view in business communication?

7- What are two ways to keep your sentences short?

8- What 5 suggestions does your text include for writing clear, smooth paragraphs? (see Chapter 4).

9- Explain in narrative form how you would set up the bad news for the reader. Be specific and refer to your text. See letter example on p. 149 to assist you with what needs to be included in your response. 

10-  What is the purpose of including a buffer as the opening to an indirect message? Be specific and provide sufficient details for clarity.

11- Please provide 3 specific workplace examples of when an indirect message is required.

12- Why is it part of indirect message protocol to use passive voice? Be very specific in your responses. Provide a thoughtful and concise response.

13- Articulate the BEST practices regarding email etiquette. Be sure to refer to your class notes and to the assigned reading in your text.


Thank you