Bus 372 all quizzes answers week 1 – 4

BUS 372 Employee and Labor Relations

(Ashford Updated – June 2016)


BUS 372 Week 1 Quiz

Question 1. The largest coalition of labor unions in the United States is __________.

Question 2. The term private unions refers to __________.

Question 3. With regard to the era around the 1870s, which of the following is NOT true?

Question 4. Andrew Carnegie __________.

Question 5. Commonwealth v. Hunt __________.


BUS 372 Week 2 Quiz

Question 1. The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement __________.

Question 2. Taft-Hartley __________.

Question 3. Which of the following strikes did NOT lead to the creation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations?

Question 4. Loewe v. Lawlor __________.

Question 5. Closed shops are __________.


BUS 372 Week 3 Quiz

Question 1. With regard to union security clauses, __________.

Question 2. Which of the following statements concerning political developments in the state of Wisconsin is NOT true?

Question 3. With regard to the monies paid to public workers, which of the following statements is NOT true?

Question 4. All of the following are concerted activities EXCEPT __________.

Question 5. With regard to strikes by public sector workers, __________.


BUS 372 Week 4 Quiz

Question 1. When a company is unionized, all of the following are true EXCEPT __________.

Question 2. The difference between mediation and arbitration is that __________.

Question 3. Before either side comes to the table, four steps should take place. Those four steps include __________.

Question 4. Preparation for the collective bargaining process involves all of the following EXCEPT __________.


Question 5. A union steward is an employee who does all of the following EXCEPT __________.