Ba 2500 mod 6 final p2

 Overview:This part of our final project will involve creating an advertisement for your product used in your marketing plan above. Please follow the instructions below, and have fun! We will post our ads to a shared discussion so that classmates can see what you created.*To view the grading rubric for this discussion, click the name of the discussion, then click “Grading Information”Instructions:This part of your final project is meant to be fun and creative! You will create an advertisement for your new product idea.

  1. Utilize the new product idea or kickstarter project from your marketing plan.
  2. Create an advertisement for your product. You may wish to review the chapter 11 in your text to help you prepare.
  3. Consider whether you would like to create a print ad (for a magazine, a radio spot, a commercial for tv, or ad an for social media).
  4. Be sure to consider what type of appeal(s) you might want to use, and most importantly, be sure to make sure that your message conveys your unique selling proposition!
  5. Submit your finished advertisement to our discussion forum. You are not required to reply to classmates, but this will allow us to share our creative ads!