Autocad final project | Architecture and Design homework help

EGN 1110C Final Project 
Save File:
  • Save the drawing with the name of “FirstName_Lastname_PID_EGN1110C_Final_Project
• Set the drawing unit type as “Engineering”
• Set your drawing unit as “Inches”
Document Setup: 
• Use different layers
• The layer name should indicate what it is representing
• Different layers should be assigned different color. Do not use the color identical to your background.
• Figures should not overlap each other.
• Use as many layouts as you need; however, a minimum 8 layouts are required.
• View ports should not be printed
• All AutoCAD layouts should have the proper title block
• All view ports should clearly indicate what is being shown on the page
• Not all pages should include object dimensions (2 minimum)
• The object to be drawn this semester is a Laptop and charger. The laptop should include all external ports and must be a 3D solid.
• Draw your object in 3D with as many details as possible
• Draw all orthographic views of the object (Top, Bottom, Right, Left, Front and Back)
• Draw a minimum of 2 different sectional views (to show areas of interest)
• When using hatching, please indicate what material it is representing
• Project will be graded based on quality of the work and presentation
Project Submission: 
• Your project shall include a written description of your object (1 page)
• Submit photographs of your object