Ahmed | Psychology homework help


  1. Listen to the Ted Talk video by Eleanor Longden on Hearing Voices.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syjEN3peCJw (Links to an external site.)


2. Write a (250 minimum word) summary of the video in three paragraph format including:

a. Why did Eleanor believe she made a mistake talking to the first psychiatrist she met?

b. Eventually Eleanor found help from doctors who taught her to understand her symptoms of ‘hearing voices’ as what?

c. What does she feel you need to do when you have psychological symptoms?

d. Eleanor is challenging mainstream psychology to change by asking ‘what has happened’ to people rather than ‘what is wrong’ with them. What can we do to change the psychiatric system to improve?

second question 

Give two original examples of how a person uses Freud’s defense mechanisms and explain what function they serve for the individual in each case.




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