Module 2: discussion – selecting a replacement motherboard

After reading the following scenario, post your answers to the questions and discuss your findings in this forum. Then respond to two of your classmates’ threads with minimum 50-word post discussing their comments and ideas. Use complete sentences and check your grammar and spelling.

As an IT Technician, you will need to build a new PC or upgrade an existing one. Using the contents in this module and the following URL “”, answer the following questions.

  1. Which CPU brand are your considering for the new motherboard? Why?
  2. What is the CPU socket type of the new motherboard?
  3. What is the motherboard model? What is the form factor (Size)?
  4. What is the GPU type?
  5. How much RAM can you add to the motherboard you selected? 
  6. Does your motherboard support NVME SSD technology?

Submission: You can submit your answer by clicking on the Reply button below. Please make sure to submit your initial post three days before the posted due date in order to give other students enough time to evaluate your post and provide feedback.