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Task 1:Share a summary of your Analysis Assignment as well as THREE takeaways from the readings/videos/self-assessment (200 word minimum). Complete your original post by Friday at Midnight. 

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Jeffrey Pfeffer: Why Cultivating Power is the Secret to Success


 Deborah Gruenfeld: Power & Influence


 Giving Feedback in the Workplace: How to Give Feedback to Employees


 Managing Conflict – Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument


 Effective Confrontation | Simon Sinek



please find attached files “How to Give effec” and “Teaching Power”

Analysis assignment Summary-please see attached file-Dutch Test(No need to do task but just give summary)

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Hi All,

“Power”, always i tell my daughter “Freedom and Power comes with great responsibility“. Power is not a bad thing if used in an appropriate manner. While reading the article by Jeffrey Pfeffer, it sounded like it has been believed for long time that power isnt a good topic or good thing to have and yet everybody wants it. The unfrotunate times qwe live in, everybody want to have power only for wrong reasons. No wonder it hasd been belived by people for long time like it isnt the topic to teach students in business schools.

First takeaway is about the price of power, it is so true as live in reality how faous people with power do not have privacy. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s story is the perfect example if anyone have seen their documentary on netflix how media was all over them when they were in canada before they moved to America. When a person with power have responsibilities to perform whether he likes it or not so it costs him his autonomy, these people can not spend quality time with their famnilies which end in bad divorces most of the time as the author mentioned. With all the power and jealously people around them who are more enemies than friends. 

My second takeaway isfrom the article “You’ve been doing fantastic job. Just one thing…” and the video “Giving feedback in the workplace”, when i was working in the bank one time i had to give feedback review to an intern. that was my first time giving feedback to somebody other than my kids. so, i did look up and read some of the articles in giving positive or negative feedback. Looking back i remember reading similar points that feedback must be direct to the point and on time not a month later, it must be done privately not in front of coworkers especially if it is negative feedback to make the intern feel better and if it is positive not to makje theri coworkers feel bad opr left out, either way having a private conversation is advisable. I follow these guidelines with my family too.

Third takeaway is from the video “Power & Influence” by Deborah Gruenfeld, how one’s body language talks more about a person than his or her words. It was very interesting to know how important it is to know when to play high and when to play low to get the job done especially for a woman because generally people expect women to play low in any situation which sounds really sad how narrow minded communities we are living in. Balancing between playing high and playing low is what makes a person a good manager.

I also want to talk about Conflict, how to mange it as we saw in the video “Managing Conflict”. We learned in previous readings that having Conflicts in the teams is a good thing and actually it is required for a team to work efficiently according to Patrick  Lencioni (one of the levels of his pyramid). But this week we learnt about how conflict is handled by different people at workplace. The questions asked in the end of the video helped me figure out the way i handled some of the conflicts in my workplace and assess oif i did the right way or not. 

Thank you,

Dhatri Alla.

Post 2:

 This week’s reading discusses the power and its significance in the workplace, as well as how each copes with it. This has probably been my favorite topic to talk about so far. Over the years, my perception of power has changed. In my mind, power implies a person must be very courageous and have no fear whatsoever. But now after so many experiences and education, my thoughts have changed. I started to think of power as raising a child. A person must be mindful, responsible, and in control. Our first video by Jeffrey Pfeffer “Why Cultivating Power is the Secret to Success.” This video discusses power in the workplace.  Jeffery gave a great example of power and how we are surrounded by it all the time. My three takeaways were, the strategies we can use to increase the power in the workplace. The practical strategies to use to increase power in the workplace that I found helpful in the video are by doing small tasks and helping others out. This is also considered power. The second video was also discussing the importance of power, by Deborah Gruenfeld’s “Power and Influence.” To understand and have power we want to appear authoritative and be approachable to others. This means we should be open-minded, and caring, understand others, and have the ability to connect with individuals on a human level.