Statement of purpose-microbiology and immunology

600 Words

Wright State University


1. why you choose Microbiology and Immunology ?

I choose this major because it is so closely related to my major, which is
Biotechnology. I been so interested in known more about the nature of life
specially the microorganisms such as bacteria and Archaea. I want to know
more and discover about the diseases that can infect the bacteria so that I
can do some researches in how to fight them without infecting the hosting
organism. Knowing more about the microbiology will give me the opportunity
to understand the knowledge of immunology.

2. What are your future goals?

1.    Learn to use Biotechnology in the field of Immunology.

Learn new ways to develop the Immune System of organisms.

Seize the opportunity to study in the US and this university and scientific
research in the field of Immunology.
I hope that one day i can get PHD in the Immunology