Philosophy matrix | Human Resource Management homework help

Using the text and online resources (do not copy and paste from your resources), complete the empty white cells in the chart below.  Your responses in each column should reflect the beliefs about that category according to the specific philosophy for that section.  This will assist you in comparing the various philosophies. Ensure that the major principles of each philosophy are clarified.  Remember that aspects of these philosophies should be integrated into your final philosophy paper at the end of the course.

·   Metaphysics = What is reality/truth?

·   Epistemology = Is it possible to know reality/truth?  If so, how?

·   Axiology = What values should be developed in education?

·   Learner’s Nature = What is the human condition? Good? Bad? Neutral?  What learner factors should be considered in education?

·   Teacher’s Role = What is the most effective approach the teacher should take? 

·   Curricular Focus = What content is most important?

·   Methodology = What pedagogical strategies are most effective?

·   Criticisms = What do opponents of this philosophy/theory say?