Verbal and nonverbal communication | Operations Management homework help

Answer the following three (3) questions.  

Q1. What is feedback? How can verbal feedback affect customer encounters?

Q2. Give some examples of nonverbal feedback and explain how they complement the verbal message and how they can affect customer interactions.

Q3. What are the four spatial distances observed in Western cultures, and for which people or situations is each typically reserved?

Part II.

Although we live in a global world, nonverbal communication in different cultures show such drastic differences that you might get the feeling we are from different planets. If you ever find yourself working on a multi-cultural project, it’s important to understand these differences.

1. Choose a culture and explore the differences in nonverbal communication in the following areas:

  1. Facial expressions
  2. Head movements
  3. Hand and arm gestures
  4. Physical space
  5. Touching
  6. Eye contact
  7. Physical postures

This portion of the assignment should be submitted as a word document (or other text document), formatted using the  APA Style format. Includeall sources you use in proper APA style. This includes in-text citations and references.

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