Reporting public health statutes | Nursing homework help

 Part 1:You are part of a busy family medicine clinic in Wisconsin.  Today you are tasked with reviewing the last 30 days of clinic patients and performing compliance reporting to the state.  As part of the public health laws, which of these 14 cases would need to be reported to the state of Wisconsin? 

  1. Vaccinations                                               8. Request for medicinal marijuana
  2. Patient who declines vaccinations             9. Child abuse
  3. Caregiver misconduct                             10. Alcohol abuse
  4. Suspected spousal abuse                        11. Gonorrhea
  5. Autopsy                                                    12. Aspergillus
  6. Birth defects                                             13. HIV
  7. Deaths

______________________________________________________________________________________________________Part 2:While you are reviewing the cases above, the physician comes into your office stating that she has a positive case of measles that needs to be reported.  Perform compliance reporting on this case, what would need to be done?Question: Find Measles on the Wisconsin Department of Health site (under diseases and conditions/disease reporting) and state what needs to be done to be compliance in reporting this case.   

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