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  1. Discuss the political values central to “liberal democracy.” In your judgment, which elements stand out as most important? Why? Has the constitutional principle of limited government been lost? Why or why not?
  2. Discuss the key problems and issues associated with the value of “representation” in governmental decision making, including the need for efficient, rational, and neutral policy making by government officials.
  3. What is the importance of “citizen participation” as a basic component of democratic administration? Identify and discuss various forms of citizen participation that have been employed over the past three decades to increase access and representation.
  4. Identify the key features of IGR in contemporary American politics and discuss their significance. What major themes may be said to exist in contemporary IGR?
  5. What “fiscal mismatch” exists in modern federalism? Why does it exist? What solution(s) is(are) currently implemented? Does the “mismatch” need to be “solved”? Are there better solutions? If so, suggest what one or more might be.
  6. What role has the Supreme Court played in defining contemporary IGR.


Book is Public Administration in America 11th edition for reference.

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