Music concert paper | MUSIC1010 | Prince George’s Community College

 You are to attend one live or virtual concert and then use the attached  is the rubric to write a paper based on your attendance and  observations.  The instructions for the completion of this paper are  contained in the sections of the Rubric.  The paper is not to be written  in bullet form.  Rather, it is to be written as a narrative.  Please  include scans of the program or tickets for the concert as verification  of your attendance as an attachment to your paper .  

Length:  two pages double spaced with half inch margins using Times New Roman font, set at 11.

The us e of grammar, correct punctuation and correct spelling will be included in the grade.

The assignment should be reflective of a concert recently attended on a campus.

Topics Discussed should be:

A description of the venue 

Time Date and location of the performance

Instrumentation of the group

Repertoire of the group’s performance

Critique the group’s overall performance

Musicality of the group (i.e. intonation, technical accuracy, stylistic accuracy, blend of the instrumentation of the group)

Your perception of the concert

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