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“Core Assessment: Social Media Marketing Evaluation” 


For this assignment you will be evaluating the social media strategy of a firm of your choosing.

Your analysis of the company’s social media marketing efforts should be in-depth and your analysis should exhibit an understanding from our text Social Media Marketing. You will also need to include recommendations for improving the company’s social media marketing strategy.


This assignment allows students to evaluate the practices of a real company and assess the

effectiveness of the firm’s social media marketing practices based on what they have learned.

Students are also tasked with developing social media marketing strategies that would be

helpful to the company they evaluate. 


Social Media Marketing Evaluation- You are required to submit a 5-8 page paper describing your assessment of a particular company’s social media strategy. 

For this paper you should:

*provide an introduction of the firm, the industry in which it operates and describe its target market

*discuss its social media usage and how the firm is using various platforms

*evaluate the firm’s social media strategy and make recommendations.

Your assignment should be typed in Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1” margins. Be sure to include headings for each section.

Cite all sources appropriately using APA style formatting.

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