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For this milestone activity, you will be asked to explain how nonviolence can be applied to a contemporary social movement (or a social issue that should become a social movement) that you are passionate about.  Your social movement needs to be approved by your facilitator before you submit your milestone.  You will describe the social movement, how nonviolent resistance can be used, how it can be implemented and what the necessary steps are for it. 

Describe and summarize Martin Luther King’s approach to non-violent resistance. Discuss each of the four steps he outlines in his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” Do you agree or disagree with this approach? Why or Why not?

Next, describe a social movement happening today (or a social problem that should have a movement behind it).  What is this movement fighting for? What are the key factors surrounding this problem?

Explain how nonviolent resistance might be used to overcome this social problem or how it can be used in the social movement? What is nonviolent resistance?  What are the tactics/processes involved?  What will be the projected outcomes of using nonviolent resistance? 

Would you recommend this approach? Why or why not?

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